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St. George's Anglican Church, Ajax

In Pickering Village is a parish who has the best of both worlds... a beautiful, historic chapel, and a beautifully designed, new worship space that is open, versatile, filled with light, and integrated wtih gathering and administrative facility. In April of 2010, The Cantors were welcomed by a large, enthusiatic team that put together a fantastic evening of music, celebration and hospitality. And, wow, could this congregation sing! The Cantors extend their thanks to the people of St. George's for a fantastic and memorable Eastertide evening of music and fun in support of PWRDF and local outreach.


Singing along to "All Are Welcome"

David, singing something sad & sultry!

"The way you wear your hat... the way you sip your tea..."

The Maestro keeps a watchful eye on the performance.

"No, never would I leave you... at all!"

Generously welcomed and fed, The Cantors get set to begin.

Many thanks to Kim Lowes for the photos.
Click here for www.kimlowes.ca