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December 1999 At St. George's Church in Guelph
The beautifully restored sanctuary of St. George's

Welcome to St. George's, Guelph

On December 3rd of 1999, The Three Cantors performed to a packed church at St. George's Anglican Church in Guelph, Ontario. This beautfully restored church holds over 700 people, and was a wonderful place to launch our new Christmas CD!

Angus Warms Up The Pipes

One of the joys of our concerts for Angus is the pleasure of playing on many different and pipe organs, and the Casavant at St. George's did not disappoint. Widor's Tocatta in F thundered out to begin the second half of the concert.

Angus plays the Casavant at St. George's
Warming Up in Guelph

Warming Up The Voices

It didn't take long to warm up to the hospitality of Archdeacon Greene and the Outreach Team and people of St. George's.

Celebrating the Success of the CD's

Angus and the Cantors are presented with framed copies of the two CD's in celebration of their great success. Presentations were made by Jane Townshend (left - former HHF Chair) and Fran Girling (right - current HHF Chair).

HHF Presentation