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Convention of The Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Springfield, MA, Page 2

Welcome to Christ Church Cathedral, Springfield, where the Cantors were honoured to lead and participate in Diocesan Convtion liturgies.
Our thanks to Bishop Scruton, Dean James Munroe, Director of Music Peter Beardsley, and all the Synod Office Staff for their warm welcome.

The carved reredos on the east wall, with details: symbols of the four gospel evangelists are but a few of the wonderful details in wood around the cathedral.

One of three rose windows.

Rose window to the liturgical north.

Bill and Bishop Scruton at the Convention Eucharist, a service prepared by Bill, using one of the Canadian rites, at the Bishop's invitation. The Bishop's vestments are a gift from his African partners.

Peter Beardsley, director of music at the Catheral, after Sunday morning's service.

Angus, admiring pipes and glass, before Sunday's Eucharist.

David Pickett, Photos.