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Convention of The Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Springfield, MA, Page 3

The Cantors would like to pay tribute to Bruce Rockwell: 2008's Convention marks his last before reitiring as Diocesan Administration and Finance Officer.
We join the many grateful voices in the Diocese of Western MA and elsewhere in wishing him well as he assumes his new role as Assistant to the Bishop for Stewardship... a natural fit! It was through work in Christian Stewardship that the Cantors met Bruce, and he not only extended a warm hand of friendship and supported their efforts,
he also helped them to put their music to good purposes in several contexts, to the benefit of PWRDF/ERD. Thanks Bruce!

Angus, Bill Coyne, Bruce, Bill and Peter at the 2008 convention.

Bruce and Bill, during a break in the convention proceedings.

Bruce and Cris at the Cathedral, Sunday of the convention weekend.

Did we mention that Bruce is a bit of a Sox fan??

Canon David Pickett, Photos.