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St. Mark's, Saint Clair Beach
(Concert at St. Anne's R.C., Tecumseh)
Cantors in Cassocks

"At The Table of the World..."

October of 2000, and the Cantors open a concert sponsored by the people of St. Mark's, St. Clair beach. Thanks go to the priest and people of St. Anne's in Tecumseh for the use of this beautiful sanctuary. The concert begins with the Cantors in cassocks, singing hymns of praise and music for the Eucharist.

"Puttin' On The Ritz"

Angus leaves the keyboard and gets into the act as the costume and music shift to something just a little less "sacred"!

Cantors and Angus in Tails
Does Peter really have a brain?

If He Only Had...

Fr. David runs a thread through Fr. Peter's ears... I wonder if he's ever noticed what's going on behind his back while he sings...

Ready To Go!

Relaxing outside the church, you might notice Fr. Bill in a cast. Busted arms might make it difficult to don vestments, but fortunately pain and broken limbs can't stop him from singing!

Outside St. Anne's, Tecumseh