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St. John's Anglican Church, St. Thomas
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Look closely around the room at St. John's Church in St. Thomas, and you'll see a rich Anglican history including artwork by the Brown family of artists.
That beautiful worship space was enriched by a warm welcome and marvellous hospitality extended to the Cantors
as they arrived to rehearse for an Advent/Christmas concert in December of 2008!
Here, the Cantors rehearse and the "venue" is prepared for the show!

Angus joins in singing as he and David warm up!

Peter, trying out the sanctuary's acoustics!

Bill, resplendent with school colours!

Sometimes Angus' amazing sense of musical humour will "punctuate" the rehearsal.

The folks at St. John's had done a wonderful job filling the church for a great cause!

And the show begins in a formal way, as Peter tells the Cantors' story and introduces the music.

Thanks to Ron Oldfield for the photos!