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Victoria to Vancouver: The Cantors Take Flight

The two cities on this tour are amongst the most beautiful places in Canada, and no-where is that more obvious than flying!
If we were to get to our Vancouver commitment, time did not allow the pleasant journey on the ferry... so a float plane was the answer!
So, come along and enjoy the trip, harbour to harbour!

Victoria Harbour, with plane landing through the masts.

The harbour is also... an airport! But these aren't 747's!

Victoria Harbour, from the air.

Now to the mainland; ferry terminal with coastal mountains on the horizon.

We'll be landing any second... just watch out for that container ship!

The boats at Stanley Park, with Vancouver looming behind.

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?
Well, Angus does look a little relieved to be safely down...


Canon David Pickett, Photos.